Friday, November 27, 2009

Hats! " "The Chrysanthemum Hat"

Hat #3...

I knit the hat with the beads intact, then decided the hat did not like the beads so I snipped them off. I used EZ's Pillbox Hat (rav link) as a base pattern, but adapted it for my yarn and for the shape I wanted.

It turned out really cute.. I love it, and it fits nice and tight.
The chrysanthemum is crocheted from malabrigo and has a pin back sewn to it so it can be moved around on the hat or removed and worn as a brooch.

This is my sarcastic child being all fake-cheeseball-cutesy for the shot.

The corals look pink-ish in these outside shots...
More accurate colors in the following studio shots...
Top of hat~

Made from my True Faith skein, 100-ish yards.

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