Monday, November 30, 2009

Naughty Scarf~

It's in time out.
I am angry with it.
First it broke my Denise 40" cable.
THEN it outgrew my cables I connected together with the one and only extender I can find. Wonder where they went? weird.

I think I may let the Bad Kitties have at it-- if I can rouse them from their naps.
All I can say is, it better be FABULOUS when it is done.
grumble (idiot scarf)

I must be slow-out-of-the-gate. I have had my fantasticly marvelous iMac for 3+ months now and just realized the built-in-camera-thingy has these really cool effects toys on it.
(giggle, hair toss)

LOVE this one. I may make it into a banner.
I think I look younger in it. maybe 30? (rather than 39?)
and this one is just creepy and wrong.... heehee

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