Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Scrapbook

The other day Paul was driving through Portland and came upon a shop called Vintage Pink in the Hawthorne District.
Apparently the pink exterior reminded him of me so much that when he got home he insisted on taking me.
LOVED the place. Retro heaven. Silly me did not get a shot of the outside of the building.
I had to try reaallly hard to contain myself and not fill the car to the brim.
All we left with were 4 oven proof mugs and this beauty...

12x15 inches with leather covers and intact pages!
The front cover had a grody wool fluff batting that was fluffing out at the corner so I peeled back the leather, removed the fluffoos and glued it back down.
I then took it apart to see how it is put together and contemplated replacing the pages with Fabriano Artistico and then decided the pages are just too awesome to remove.
Not acid free, all yellowing and cruddy...
...and with corner sticky things still attached!
I put a thing layer of gel medium all around the edges of the leather cover since it was deteriorating and making a mess.... I figured it would help it to last longer and not make a mess in my art.

Here are some shots of inside Vintage Pink.

Eve & Ann looking at old movie reels~
A Gianormous lamp that I still think we should buy. The base is some sort of clay? but lightweight and the shade is HUGE... the whole thing was at least 4 feet high.
Gnome display! Too cute and I of course wanted them ALL...
I will be returning soon with my tribe of ladies in tow.


Earl said...

I love this place! I might have to make it my stop on the way to WA.

Syd said...

Sorry that was me not Earl...he never logs out....