Monday, October 19, 2009

The Falls~ and bookmaking!

Yesterday we took a spontaneous road trip to Multnomah Falls.
This is by far one of my favorite places on the planet.
The falls are ethereal and spiritual, plus there are so few places one can watch such a beautiful array of people. All different cultures and types and styles and shapes and colors.
I saw a crew of Buddhist monks in robes and knit beanies (you can see them in this shot of the bridge).
Then there was "The Warrior" (what I called him) with his pony-tail on the top, shaved underneath hairdo and his big wooden walking stick. He just stood and stared at the falls, then at the view behind him, etc. He was amusing. You can see him really teeny tiny in the shot Paul took off the bridge.... see below.
There were many many more characters, wish I had the guts to snap all of their photos.
I was the invisible almost-40 mom sitting on a bench knitting.
See me waaaayy down there? Next to the teen-angst-girl on her ipod. (she was not my teen-she belonged to someone else).
Close-up... HiYA!
Paul took the girls up the trail to take pics. He got a fancy new camera for his birthday. You can see the album of his shots HERE.
Today I spent time in the studio. Jackie came over and we planned and brainstormed over bookmaking ideas.
I decided to just jump in and make a trial book by gluing the pages together, rather than sewing them into signatures, which just thinking about makes me want to cry for some reason.
So I selected my pages, which are a combination of Fabriano Artistico nummy artist paper, prints of my CT scan and some artist papers I bought at Michael's and have been hoarding.
The book cover is a score from Scrap Action that I have had for some time.

The spine says "Cunning, Wile and all that Beguiles" hilarious.
I put the pages in order and put card stock on the top and bottom for cover pages. I plan to use fabric for my endpapers, so I figured the card stock would give it some support. (more on that later when I actually do it).

I clamped all of the pages together using binding clips, you are supposed to use a board and a clamp jig thingy that goes the length of the book, but I wanted to try the lazy way first.
This is the edge I want to glue.
Here is the edge with the first layer of glue. I used "Twice as Tacky" PVA.

Two layers of cheese cloth.... with layers of glue in between.
I then added short pieces of binding tape to the ends, as that is what will show on the ends once the cover is attached. Ths is how a book I dissected was made, so I copied that.
Now it is drying.... until tomorrow.
I will see how well it glued and decide if it will hold, etc. More later!

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Jackie Wood said...

Can't wait to see if this works.