Friday, October 23, 2009

I Needed Glue~

So Jackie and I took a quick trip to Michael's while our girls were in guitar class.
ALL of my glue was used or dried up. Not sure how they all decided to do it at the exact same time...maybe I don't want to know. haha.

After class we headed down to Portland to Alberta and Bolt Fabric Boutique.
They were having a sale.
Here is some eye candy that now lives within my stash:
After Bolt we stopped in quick to see Sally of Close Knit. I refrained from a massive yarn purchase that I could not justify with any specific project and only got a new magazine.

Next was a trip to Land in Albina. Here is their online shop, Buy Olympia.
Oh my.
Graphic art heaven.
We got a raccoon print for Ann's room~

Eve chose this beauty by Jill Bliss.... still need to get a frame.

I have been collaging in the big 'ole scrapbook. Just glueing first layers of collage down for now.
Not sure where this is heading, but I suppose that is the point.

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Turtle said...

nice finds!! the one bunny fabric with the background makes me think those bunnies have been nibbling some wacky mushrooms....the eyes!

love the crone yarn.