Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bookmaking- The Next Day

This morning I was very excited to see how the spine of my pages dried and how strong the bond is... (see yesterday's gluing follies here)

I think it is strong enough to give it a test run, but not completely convinced it will hold up to the vigors of Reenie.

Here is the spine with 5 coats of PVA glue with two layers of cheesecloth in them.
It dried nicely and seems strong enough.

I checked between the pages, there was a tiny bit of glue seepage on the pages, but I don't care.
They all seem intact when pulled on except for some of the CT copies, which are printed on regular copy paper. If pulled it seems they will come out like pages on a tablet.
Do I need stronger glue? not sure....
More shots of pages...

Edges of the pages...
The plan for now is to art and collage the pages and see how they hold together.
I will not attach to the cover until I decide if I am happy with the glue layer or not.
Cover closed...

Inconspicuous, isn't it?

Update (11-10-09)...
The PVA glue did not hold, so I peeled the glue off the edges and tried some epoxy. The epoxy seemed to hold ok.
Just ok, and maybe great for a thinner book made from thinner paper that would only occasionally get used. NOT for what I intend to do to this journal. >:)
So onward and upward. It is shelved for now... I am onto the next 11 things I have my hands in.
I will post when my A.D.D. travels come around to it again.

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AWESOME! Love this!