Saturday, April 25, 2009

Handspun Journey v1

This is my first attempt at making my Journey Pattern from some of my handspun.

Handspun used was spun by me like 3? years ago and was a scarf I frogged to use the yarn because I LOVE it so. Yarn was a 2 ply worsted to chunky, not as bulky as most of my yarns. See the mohairy aura? love that.

I am still working on a version for one skein of my typical bulky to super bulky handspun. The trouble I run into is that it is too thick to make the lace rows, so I need to modify the lace pattern to accommodate the bulkiness.

I MODIFIED the pattern as follows– and these are loose instructions mainly for my notes.

Changed cast on stitches to 56.

Kept to pattern until decreases…. changed the purl 2 rows to Purl 1 row between the first 2 decreases....

and about half way through the top portion of the hat I started to decrease every row as it was getting too heavy. This made the top more flat, like a beret. I like this though.

I am supposed to be spinning... but woke with a headache and the meds made me floopyish. meh. Afraid to knit, that I will screw it up, so here I am dibbling around on the time-sucking-computer. haha.

K-- spanking myself soundly and sending me back to the wheel.

ooh-- hat on needles is Acid Grasshopper green with wooden skull beads! almost done. Pics soon.


erin said...

LUUUUURV IT! Loved the lady bug one too! it looks so yummy!

Libby said...

The lady bug yarn is such a bright red. It's BEAULIFUL CUTE lets say just plain old AMAZEING!!!