Friday, April 10, 2009

Ephiphanies and Paradigm Shifts- oh yeh...and Yarn!

I just returned from a 5 day art retreat and am so very tired, BUT am also on fire creatively. The retreat was so inspiring and surreal and paradigm shifting. It's such a gift to spend time with 600 other like-minded spirits. It's like coming home. I was at ArtFest in Port Townsend, WA.
I learned that I am not alone -- there are others who think like I do (scary-- I know) but also that what I like most about creating my yarns is how they inspire YOU. I love to be a catalyst for your creativity. This is why I am here. Figuring this out has brought me peace from the "What path should I take?" constant angst of the past few years. phew. a total relief.
More to come on this, please keep an eye here on my blog, bookmark me or add me to your reader! The RSS link is in the right column if you scroll down a bit.

I just put 14 new skeins in the shop here are some pics of the loveliness.
Talk soon!
Have a Spectacular Springy & Eastery weekend!
I love you all!


Turtle said...

nice fibers! and isn't pt townsend a nice lil town!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice~! I did however come on here to wish you and yours a happy easter and god bless~!

Anonymous said...

Just found you. That bluey, purple, turquoise is amazing! said...

Wow! Another amazing find here :) TFS!! xoxo