Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Creative Spiral~

Am I the only one who has so many plates in the air at any given time you are running in circles?
Forget circles-- I am running in spirally doodles!
As I mentioned before- I exhaust myself.

Since returning from ArtFest (a WEEK ago!) I have been just shot. Coming down from the adrenalin was a harder crash than I anticipated-- it always is. I have two more adrenalin infused things coming up this year so I think I need to remember to schedule in the crash week(s) after.
The end of June I am attending and teaching a demo and vending at ArtFiberFest in Portland, OR.
The beginning of August I am a vendor at the massive SockSummit in Portland, OR. wow-- still have not fully processed this one.

Back to my rambling....
I have had my days of rest and vegetation, then prep for Easter and all that entails. Now I find myself going in A.D.D. circles. Is it REALLY ADD? or am I over committed? sigh.
All self-inflicted. I tried the simplification thing but it made me depressed and sad. I just filled the open slots with more projects and commitments. THE GOOD NEWS IS.... I am NOT alone!

At ArtFest they had a teacher panel night, where the teachers sat at a table with microphones and the crowd shot questions at them. This was one of the best things about the week. They hit many many topics that were so very relative to me that I found myself on the verge of tears so many times. They spoke of creative inspiration and over commitments, finding studio time, family, mommy-guilt, artist-guilt, how being an artist is not viewed as a 'real job' and on and on...

I am NOT weird! NOT crazy! I am an ARTIST! The many plates in the air? They are all different embodiments of my creativity. I approach everything as if it were an art medium, from my spinning to my garden to my errands to my precious girls. When I realize that I really view it all as my art (and it totally is) I am so much kinder to myself. I process things differently than most. I am an over-achiever. I am manic. I am crazy and I am not crazy. I am unique.

They also talked about how family and friends do not always 'get' them. This too hit home hard but that is another post. haha.

K-- enough rant for now.... here are some pics from the past few days of my 'art'.
You can see more in my 365 days photo journal in Flickr.

Prepping the ground for planting...

Almost ready...
Basking dog...Ann at Critter Count-- counting amphibians and reptiles in the wild~
An Easter Rainbow~


Jackie Wood said...

An artist indeed, exhausting ourselves in one of our mediums!! HA HA!

Looking forward to a little coffee and some creative time to go in circles together!!

superwoman_4002 said...

love the rainbow!! :D I hope you get some rest so you dont feel like your going in spirally scribbles! :D

Stacey said...

I had always envisioned life as an artist would be much different. It is exhausting, and deadlines are real. But I am like you slow down too much and I get antsy. Hope you were able to rest and recharge. Lover the dog pic!

Libby said...

Hey I see xena like that every day! The dog sure loves the sun!