Saturday, April 25, 2009

ArtFiberFest ~Have you registered yet?

There is still room for ArtFiberfest in June! This is an amazing event that I have been dying to go to for years, now it is close to me so I can go- AND I am teaching a mini-workshop!

Top 10 reasons why you should come to Artfiberfest retreat this summer...

Well, OTHER than the fact that Material Whirled will be there... (grin)

Link to my mini-workshop I am teaching. AND I will be selling my yarns and other treasures at vendor night!

1. The price is inclusive (all meals and lodging for 4 nights)...there will be no hidden expenses at the retreat.
2. Everyone will get an added bonus of 3 mini workshops (GRIN) on thursday night in addition to their 3 BIG workshops.
3. The dorms are amazing at Reed college. They were just built a year ago and represent superb architecture and layout. (even though I live locally I am totally staying in the dorms--!)
4. Portland is a destination in itself, FULL of funky inspiration. You'll get a double whammy!
5. The food is superb at Reed. Tons of choices!
6. This will be a nice start to a creative and productive summer...Our teachers will kick start you on some project ideas.
7. I will give a mini lesson on how to make my quilted fabric journals for anyone who wants to learn.
8. The women who come to this are absolutely the best. Always happy and content....we think it has something to do with working with fabric and fiber.
9. You deserve this! You've worked hard!
10. Being creative is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the world around you. And there isn't any place better to get energized with the creative bug than Artfiberfest.

All workshops still have space at this point....but won't for long. we will update our website every few days as workshops fill. Find out all the information at or email me if you have any
Artfiberfest is happening on June 24-28 at Reed College in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

Here are pictures of the classes I will be taking... I cannot WAIT!
Art Studio Journal by Roxanne Padgett

Custom Apron by Syd McCutcheon

and Princess Bug Doll by Dierdra Doan

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gosh feel like forever since I have come on ehre to show your blog LUV. I will be MIA a while I am having surgery June 4th will be down a while. So much has been going on I have made 3 blogs now one for interviews/reviews/giveaway info lol.... One CRAFTS and the other Blabbering lol...Well any ways Hope you had a great Mothers day