Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beaded OCD....

Wait-- that is a GREAT skein name (writing down).

I am having an obsessive knit-attack. Making Journey Hats.
Of course I have a list a mile long and a tight schedule created to induce maximum production for my summer shows. Plus orders to fill-- which I am working on in between knit fits.
Spin, knit, spin, knit. I spin for a rush of time, then knit for a rush of time. Seems to be working well, I feel all relaxed and satisfied.

OH-- I almost forgot-- I created a new page in the shop that features yarns that will work well with The Journey Hat pattern! Some are my hand dyed yarns and some are handspun from the amazing spinners represented on MW.

Here are shots of the latest hat I completed...
It is knit from my Burgundy Bubbles Alpaca. I added beads, which are very very subtle in this hat. They add a feminine sparkle. I am working on some pattern variations with instructions on how to add the beads.
Modeled by Jackie Sparkles.


Turtle said...

it looks really nice!

Jackie Wood said...

I think I should have my name legally changed to that!!