Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spinner Combos!

Did you ever have an idea and were just so very proud of yourself?
While I do have good ideas, it's rare I am this tickled with myself...

I was rearranging my yarn inventory and had piled yarns from several different spinners all together on my table.
Some of the skein started to crawl towards one another and the combinations were SO BEAUTIFUL! This sounds exaggerated, but as you know, handspun yarn vibrates with the life and energy of it's creator. Each spinner has a unique 'signature' when they spin and you can identify this signature from skein to skein.
I have noticed these amazing combinations before, but realize it is hard for you to see this when all of the artists are organized on separate product pages.
In comes my brilliant idea!
When you combine the art of different spinners there is an intriguing and intense, almost audible energy created!
I have many combos laid out and am working to get them photographed and in the shop for you. So please keep stopping by over the course of this week.
Perfect for larger projects or as a stash enhancement!

Off to reward myself with a lemon drop! :D

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