Monday, August 25, 2008

Retired and RE-tired (meaning tired-again)

I have been a bit quiet lately as I am spinning spinning spinning all of the Ocean Wonder skeins that have been ordered.

SO- this email is to let you know first that after Sept.1st the Ocean Wonders will be retired.
If you would like one, come and get it, or email me if you had planned on ordering in Sept. (but are not prepared to do so by the 1st) and we can work out a reservation.

Second, keep an eye on the site-- I have a new spinner coming and have a few new Reenie yarns to put up. I will be dabbling them up over the course of the week as I find holes of time and will email you again when it is finished.
I have a pile of Halloween and fall yarn ideas I have been writing down as I spin the OW skeins and I am very excited about them.
cackle cackle.

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