Thursday, August 21, 2008

Falls and Sister Torture~

Last weekend we took my mom to see the Lucia Falls, one of my favorite places here in WA and where we have been looking for property.
It's also where bigfoot lives.
Here some shots from the trip:

The water just below the falls was really low- last time we were there it was much higher since the snow was still melting on the mountain.
Big amazing tree:
Trees over the falls...they are all mossy from the mist in the air. Eve calls them Muppet Trees. haha

The following is what happens when you give a bored 12 yo a camera. She annoys her sister. The girls really rarely fight, but there is this new irritation factor- must be a tween thing.
However, the entire time their feet were intertwined. Sister Love.Back to work!

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