Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have been treading water for over a week now and have to admit I am getting fatigued. I wish spinning was more cardiovascular, I would be so slim and fit!

The orders keep coming for the Ocean Wonder skeins and I keep plugging away, getting caught in the undercurrent and fighting my way back up for a breath of air.

Keep 'em coming and thanks for your patience.

My mom is here from PA for a 2 week visit. Of course when she arrived the weather took a rare turn to hot- like 100+ degrees hot. We do not have air conditioning because it is never this hot. Blerg. Good thing the studio stays cool. It's supposed to break tomorrow so yay!
I leave you with a shot of my Ann Elf. She manipulated the picture herself in Photoshop.
LOVE IT. haha
Back to the wheel!
I appreciate you!


bockstark.knits said...

They should invent a wheel that instead of treadling, you have to pedal. :) Man, I would be amazingly thin. OK, I would probably not spin at all. Heh!

Reenie said...

OR-- (and I have been thinking about this a lot)There has to be a way to hook up some sort of hamster wheel that the kids can run in and we can save the energy to use to spin, rather than treadling.....
I just need an evil genius to put it all together for me.
Know anyone?