Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Can you hear that? ME EITHER!
The sound of silence, something I rarely hear.
As I mentioned before, my parents are here from PA. They took the girls to the Oregon Zoo for the day. Paul is working.
I am here. alone. in the studio, prepping to hook on the ipod and take a dip in the Ocean for several hours.

Yesterday we drove to Mt. St. Helens. SO worth the 2 hour drive. I am in LOVE with this volcano and can see her from my deck. Here is a live volcano cam.
Before I hit the wheel, here are a few shots from our trip.

First stop was Bigfoot Land, a kitschy, tacky gift shop and used-to-be-cinema. There is an A frame house that was buried in ash from the 1980 eruption, but you cannot walk through it anymore, it is just a barricaded, bird poo-filled corpse of a house. The best part (well, other than the statue and the pottery made with ash in the glaze) is the porch with pictures on bulletin boards and a tape playing with information about the eruption.

Jordan and girls at statue.

Real mullein plant with silk sunflowers stuck in it. Hilarious.

Bigfoot footprint castings.

Sam and Helen.

Sam, Reenie and Helen. Helen is behind us, the clouds were covering her top.

My mom voguing for the camera.

Paul and Eve.

Chilling out.

Off to spin.
talk later.

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jwood said...

Have fun with the quiet! Hope your "ocean" swimming is shark free!!!