Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome Ezmaralda!

Paul came home with a baby today.
I named her Ezmaralda.

Ezmaralda was born March 28th and is 8 weeks old. She has crusty ear mite ears (treatable but bleck!) and is very alert and playful and feisty. She will fit in well here with the Hanlin women.

Welcome Ezmaralda!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Such a cute kitty :) Welcome new kitty. We are a bit of an animal farm at our place... no baby animals though... with the 3 ferrets, 2 ratlings, and 2 cats :P.. I've been forbidden from getting any new critters.

Funny that we are both married to Pauls :P

Seems that you have really found a great new partner! I look forward to all of the new inspiration that will be coming from you both.

Maggie Smith