Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ambitious? OCD? Overcommitted?

All of the production spinning I have had to do lately has given me a lot of time to think. Paul is on the road so much lately, which leaves me with so much on my plate.
YAY for his new job, though, because it puts me in a position where I don't *need* to work, which changes my perspective drastically.

So during all of this thinking time I have been struggling with the whole production issue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my yarn shops, but new ones keep coming in and I am so busy I realized that things that are way more important are getting pushed to the side. This is why I dropped out of the MBA program I was taking a few years ago. My girls mean the world to me and they will be young for such a small amount of time. My house? bah! Let's not discuss that, ha!

My creative time has also been put on the shelf, which I NEED to keep me sane. I have this knitting itch and my dolls have been calling my name lately also.

What's your point Reen? There is a constant struggle within me between the business woman side and the momma/wife side. The momma is winning out. I have decided to take a step back from yarn production, choosing to keep up only with my current shop accounts and started a "new shop" waiting list for now, until I figure things out in more detail. This leaves me more time to basically function (sleep, homeschool the girls, clean, eat, etc.) and to keep spinning my one-ofs for the shop.

There are now several fantastic spinners represented in the Handspun Shop, and I have several NEW spinners who have sent me yarns to photograph and list.

I have also recently completed a big knitting project (big for me)-pics coming soon and have been sniffing around for something more challenging to knit.

Stay tuned as I am currently organizing myself and taking pics of the yarns, etc. I am so excited! hee!

more later....................

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