Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last evening I did something I have not done in a while--
I had a rendezvous with my carder (his name is Carter) >:)

Carding for the sheer pleasure -- not for orders or obligation!
It was divine. Carter is so sensual. sigh

Here are the fruits of our labor, destined to be spun soon.

Bamboo, wool and merino in bluey blues...

merino, wool and some other critter fur (possum?) with grey mohair handspun scraps and gobs of glitz...

Merino and wool Battman batt I ran through the carder a second time with yarn 'worms'.

Blues and greens with glitz and glitz....

Floofy doof-- cashmere, camel, angora, critter, merino, wool, glitz and floofyness.

Off to the wheel for a bit-- THEN an update! 3 NEW spinners!

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