Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinterest Addiction?

LOVE Pinterest.
I am totally addicted and I am here to get you hooked also.
That's me, the enabler. >:)

So what IS it you ask? An online bulletin board. Where you can search any topic for inspiration and eye candy. THEN you can add friends and share your pins and boards and get even MORE inspiration. AND waste a ton of time if you are not careful.  I have done this for years, bookmarked pages that I loved or ideas of things to make, etc. etc. Now I can have it all saved in one place, so really, it saves me time, .... right? (grin)

Go. Now. Join. 
Then come and friend me. (Click for a link to my Pinterest page)
Here is a screen shot of one of my boards...

 (click each image to see a larger version)

Here are two shots of the state of my studio this morning. This is after a paint-fit.
Off to clean up, Jackie is on her way to make MORE mess with me.

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