Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Hanlins!
I had to lead with this photo of Ezmaralda. She was lying next to a pumpkin and I thought it was so Halloweeny and cute... but very early in the morning and dark... 
LOVE how the flash reflected off her eyes. This was not planned.
My evil witchy cat. Love her.

Here is Ann the Diva Witch...
Eve the Pirate~

 My tall ladies together...

 The Queen and the Drone~ bzzzt.

and harvest time... Eve's gourds

  and pumpkins

 Last of the zucchini~

 Lotsa beets~

  and I leave you with my man, being silly on his birthday. 
Posing as Farmer Paul, the Happy Man and his farm... love this man.

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