Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Spray Painted Jars~

Last week Jackie sent me a link to a DIY for spray painted jars... So our play day project was just that.

She made yarn wrapped jars which came out cute, and I decided to do some super tacky Halloween themed jars.... jack o' lantern and black cats!

First step was to mask off part of the jar. I used simple making tape and drew my design on with pencil. I cut the features I wanted masked off with an exacto knife and peeled away the excess tape.

We then took the jars outside and spray painted them. I think they each got three light coats total. We sprayed until they looked covered. No exact science here.

The black cat jars got a coat of matte black (which I love love LOVE), and the jacks? Some got a coat of orange then neon-pinkish orange, and the rest just the neon. This pinkish orange fluorescent/neon color makes me weak in the knees.

Once they were dry I peeled the making tape off, put votives in and lit them. MEH.
Not so spectacular. The features were lost on the pumpkins and the cats just disappeared. duh. Black jars don't really glow that much. (no pics of this step, I sort of had a mini-tantrum).

Next day my brain kicked in and I decided to paint the Jack's featured black. I used acrylic, which will probably peel off at some point. Not so worried about this as they are not handled much. A sharpie marker may work better? I will try that if the paint peels off.

The cat jars got a layer of white gesso inside. WORKED! yay.  
Once lit, the effect is a bit woozy, which is just perfect!

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