Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reenie's BACK!

I'm BACK people!

Miss me?

It's been a wild and weird summer, and that is an understatement.
Well, things are always a bit weird here, but that is what makes us, US.
Sock Summit was a blast- and totally knocked me on my arse. Lotsa prep work and lotsa organizing and unpacking. Still just almost done. seriously. sigh.
Right after Summit I had surgery, then took a few weeks to just sit. and knit. and ponder life.

SO-- this email is to say HEY I AM BACK! and to announce the arrival of my new hat kit!...

Introducing.... The CANDY CORN HAT KIT!
This year it is a hand dyed version! More affordable and easier to produce!
"Show the world how corny you are!"

AND.... Back for the 2009 Season,
Elf Hat Kits!

Both with new lower prices!
They will not last long~

Stay tuned for more handspun updates....
I will be touch soon!

1 comment:

Ginga Squid said...

YAY!!!! Hope you are resting up? Looking forward to lots of cool fiber stuff....