Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Settling in... finding a rhythm.

Remember my rant a few weeks ago about this next year's title?
It came to me, it is "Finding a Rhythm".

Things are starting to routine out.
This year brings a stepped-up homeschool schedule, which requires mamma to be, well, mamma.
Not business-woman-reenie, but mom and wife. More driving to things, more involvement in the big scheme.

I am needed more in the home now than as a money-earner. This is a constant struggle for me as I have never had to not-work. There is an inherent drive in me to provide, to struggle, to survive financially and not needing to work just does not compute. The brains are still a bit scrambled over it. I constantly feel like there is something I should be doing other than managing the family.

Now I am NOT complaining, this is fantastic. Beyond fantastic really. But a new rhythm for reenie.
More time to knit? To make the house more beautiful? To take time to paint walls and hang curtains and bake pies? Creating my art for art's sake, not for sale? More time to share my meanderings and creations with you?
odd. and lovely.

Now Material Whirled is not going anywhere. It is just taking a lower priority than in years past.
I love it and it will remain a part of my life. My yarns will just get better for it.
I love seeing sale-notifications pop into my inbox after an update. Still need to feed the habit (evil grin).

Future plans... more painting and drawing time. More knitting time.
MAJOR FIBER-PURGE SALE coming soon. major.
I have a fiber-hoarding thing. In case you did not know.

So I am still here, just being more present.
Today? I ate lunch out with mah man, visited a yarn shop in Portland, hit a restaurant supply store (oh my) and then sat and soaked up the sun and knit with Eve and had ice tea.
I am almost finished with my Lion-Neck Cardigan by Wendy Bernard.

No pics just yet, I need to go make dinner. :)

Well, ok... just one-- of my family.

My step dad Sam, Paul, Eve, Ann, Me and my mom.

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Turtle said...

love the name! i know what you mean about being needed at home more vs being otherwise placed. Hubby finally came to this decision this spring and i couldn't be happier!