Saturday, September 19, 2009

Knitting Knowledge Itch...

I seem to have this itch.
I have knit for years, mostly with my bulky handspuns, or with yarn that will work well with my handspun.
I have mastered the sock and the sweater and cables and and and...
but this itch for more complicated knitting challenges continues to tickle me.
How are different sweaters constructed? How does a steek work? and on and on and on...
mmmm fair isle!

So.... I just filled my amazon cart with Elizabeth Zimmerman books.
I have this itch to scratch.
Let the lessons begin!


Turtle said...


VSAAgirl said...

okay not really playing to win just a funny joke to make you laugh.

Why do potatoes make good detectives?
They always keep their EYES peeled
now play corny drum/symbol boom bom chz