Saturday, August 29, 2009

Studio mess~

The calender says my vacation is coming to an end, but honestly? Not ready yet. Still digging out the massive disaster that is my studio.
Seems whenever I have a personal life transition, my studio needs an overhaul. And an overhaul it is. Fun though, it's good to purge, reorganize and refresh the energy.

Here are a few before pics... before I even attempted to unpack from Sock Summit.
So far so good, the back studio is almost finished. We purchased metal shelves (think baker's rack) from MissBabs at Summit. They were so very needed. You can see them in the pics, all sitting in the knitting area ready to find their nesting place.
Back studio before pics... I will post after shots once I am finished.

And the requisite cute cat pic...
I have found a name for the upcoming year...
"Finding a Rhythm".
A balance between MW and family and home and brain time.
I burnt myself out the past 4-5 years, working 60-80 hour weeks, homeschooling my girls, being a wife, mom, friend. It's hard to do anything well when you are pulled so many directions. I got physically ill from it all and things need changed. So MW will be a bit more chill this year, I will still be updating, just not each week.
I also have some different things in the working, so check back often as I will be posting more regularly.

So- back to work-- ! Need to get.this.done.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I just love your studio. Makes me smile to see it here... =)

HUGS and happiness to you, girlfriend, and see you soon!