Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sock Summit pics up!

Finally.... looong overdue.
Here is the link to the Sock Summit album.

Over-stimulated Reenie (and Ann) entering convention center to set up!

Summit was a blast.
We had an amazing corner booth right next to the Summit bookstore.

The Zippypins? HUGE hit.
For those looking on MW for pins, go to to find them.
I decided to not carry them on the site.
Zippy has an even bigger selection than we had at the show. Too much fun!

Crowd around the pins...
Paul the Zippypin Pimp...

So...still on vacation healing from my surgery....stay tuned and as I find my brains and energy and dig my way out of the studio disaster I will be updating things more.
Enjoy your August!

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Turtle said... year! i swear hubby only scheduled us 2 small trips this during sock summit and also one for the upcoming cedar cove days....we live in the town it is happening in and he wants to go to cali! next year! the pics of the booth look fab!