Monday, August 10, 2009

Summit is over....

Had a great show... met lotsa interesting people... you know how those knitters are! (grin)
what a gang!
Sold a ton of ZippyPins.... and a good amount of yarn.
Not the best show I have done, but a ton and a half of fun.

I am now thoroughly exhausted (and beyond) and ready to start my vacation!
Well, a staycation .... I had surgery on the 12th and am taking several weeks to just knit and recover.
I am also in transition between my dinosaur PC and my shiny new iMac (on it's way)... so pics may be delayed a bit. I will probably be the last Sock Summit blog entry in the world.

Stay tuned to here for my profound musings! I know you are all on the edge of your seat to see what I am up to...

Lotsa changes coming for reenie.... Sept. ends the year of "transition" and begins a year of intrigue and exploration for me.
I am still working on an official catch phrase for this next 12 months, Intrigue and Exploration? hmmm
A shift without direction? The year of the scattered shift.?...
A chance to nest, re-nest and heal the coven. :)

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Turtle said...

lol, "exploration of the scattered shift without direction" sounds very deep and poetic!