Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mom's Patio Furniture~

Love this...
My mom just repainted her patio furniture, and the colors are phenomenal!
She sent me photos this morning and I just had to share with you. Mom lives in PA, and I am in WA, so I will not be sitting in these chairs this summer.
Most of these items are heirloom pieces!

Mom sits on these rockers each morning. LOVE the new colors, hot pink and turquoise!

This chair sat on my great-great grandfather's porch and mom used to play on it as a child.
Used to be white... here it is after scraping...

After, with a vibrant coat of turquoise! love.

 In it's new habitat, on her front porch, with awesome pink and chartreuse tables.

This table was a rough bench, made for a workshop by my grandfather. 
Mom painted it bright colors and put it next to the grill.

I remember playing on this bench at my Memaw's when I was little. 
It used to be a boring white. 
Not any more!

A sitting area on her patio. cute.

Inspired to paint everything BRIGHT COLORS... 
Paul will be so thrilled! (note heavy sarcasm)

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Suzanne Reynolds said...

Beautiful. Love all of those colors!