Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's been a chilly June so far... highest so far was 70 something, and I still had jeans and a sweater on.
But that is typical weather here in the PNW, where they say summer weather does not begin until July 4th.
Spending a ton of time working outdoors and knit, knit, knitting.
Oh, and taking photos.

 Garden is in full swing this year... but I have had nothing to do with it. 
Paul and Eve have been working hard... 

Here is the greenhouse with the chicken coop on the left.
(Click on any photo to see a larger version)

 Paul mowing between rows... shown is our 4 rows of garlic! yum.
LOTs of garlic this year.

  This is a shot of some of the garden with the hoop house. 
Plants are still babies and hard to see in the photo.

 The Rhododendrons are amazing this year. Pinks and purples...
 This shot was taken from the deck. I realized the lupine and Rhodies were the same colors.

 Here are the Rhodies from the other side of the pond. 
I love how the colors reflected in the water.

 The giant walnut tree by the house almost has it's full leaves. 
The Yellow Flag iris are blooming around the pond. 
It looks like a Matisse painting.

 Paul and I spent a lot of time last evening sitting on the dock and absorbing the evening energy.
I am always enthralled with the reflections in the water. So I took a few shots.

The clouds were a smokey, dusky blue, even more so with the pond colors underneath.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

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