Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick Kitschy Kitchen Curtain~

We have a window in our kitchen that needs replaced.  It is functional, but u.g.l.y.
Since we are still deciding the design of the kitchen (before remodeling), this window is in ugly limbo land, hanging there and irritating me daily. 
It is west facing, so in the evening, the sun blinds us during our evening meal. 

My solution? A tacky, kitschy curtain.... to hide the window, and block the sun.

The floral fabric is from a thrifted, vintage twin fitted sheet.
The bird fabric was about a foot short of the needed length, so I decided to add a panel at the top. 
It extended my length and added some whimsey (whimsey is a classier word for tacky. grin)

  The bird fabric I scored at Ikea several years ago because I loved it.

  I made the curtain short so it easily cleared the shelf below it.

  The panels are minimally sewed and hemmed so I can repurpose the fabric in the future if I choose.
The ring clips eliminate the need for a rod pocket and make the curtain easier to open and close.

  I am in love. Tacky, thrifted, colorful and whimsical.