Friday, September 12, 2008

What? Lotsa Pictures~

Wow- time is flying by! This past week has been a blur of Ocean Wonder orders. I thought it was Thursday all day today. But then I thought Tues. was Mon, Wed. was Tues. etc. all week long. sigh
No wonder I always feel like I am running to catch up. I am a day late. haha

I started a new scarf (like I needed another project) as my chronic startitis continues. As long as I am also finishing things I will let myself be.

The "Je ne sais quoi" Scarf, knit from the yummy yarn
I recieved from Morgan in the HHHH swap.

I am using a Moss Rib Stitch pattern you can find HERE. It really shows off the yarn.Today I updated the site with some fantastic Halloween themed yarns!

Mystical Owl
Here is my evil Halloween cat with her usual odd behavior.
We found a wonderful local organic farm and scored a pile of yummy veggies!
We love to support our local farmers and everything tastes so much better than grocery store produce. mmmmmmmm
The girls have spent some serious time this week painting on the deck. They were very quiet and process-oriented. My girls. sniff

Ignore the neglected Xmas tree stand. haha ~Someone please go put that away?
By EveMeerkat still-life I found by my printer this morning. Funny kids.

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