Monday, September 22, 2008


This is the actual footage of the whale we saw at the coast this weekend.
A nice, nice lady was taking pics while we were squealing with delight!
They (Lynna and her husband) emailed us the images later that day. Here is their link.
©2008 T.P.B. Photos

Such a spiritual thing to see- it took all I had to not stand there and cry. Well, I may have teared up a bit, but fought off the full blown boo-hoos. I want to go back and sit by the cliff for a few days and just watch.

Here is a shot Eve took of whales in the distance.

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Traveler said...

I *REALLY* appreciate that you thought I was young enough to be Lynna's husband. Just to set the record straight, we are friends (and, I'm older than her mother).