Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Inner Aborigine~

I am taking a small break from spinning this morning- my elbow argues with me when I spin too long. Not sure WHY, I must be clenched. haha ME? Clenched?? Get out!
I need to chill out, I tend to get intense when I am ultra-focused on goals. Paul comes home tonight so that will help- he has been in Boise all week! Miss him.

A month or so ago I took some time to start painting again, if you remember that post?

Well, this morning I was exploring a site about aboriginal art. I have always felt drawn to the symbolism aborigines use and their over all design. I found THIS painting and it gave me the chills.
I know my inner design-eye is influenced by their symbolism from my studies, so some of the unconscious connections are from that, but there is more to it, some sort of spiritual connection? Past life? I don't know but I like it- it makes me feel connected somehow. Looking forward to exploring this more....

Here is more info on the artist who painted it. (gallery link)
Walter Hansen Walter was born at a sacred place in Spinifex country which cannot be named or discussed in public. In this work Walter paints his wider homeland area where he grew up. The rockholes he named specifically are Tjutapilyuru, Paki, Tjintilkara, Tjutaja, Karnu, Ilkurlka, Pirapi, Paupiya, Iltun and Tjuntjuntjara. Walter also shows some of the animals that traverse this area such as the emu and camel as well as showing the Kaluti (desert poplar) tree that regrows prolifically in the desert after a bushfire. The Kaluti tree has a smaller type of maku (witchetty grub) inside the roots. Walter is a senior initiated man and has been with the Spinifex project since the beginning.
Great website~ Aboriginal Art Online. Go. Learn. Absorb.

More pics of life over the past few days. I will spare you pics of piles and piles of Ocean Wonder skeins. haha.

My new aqua/teal blue phone- it was free and the only color they had left- I don't care and kinda like how garish it is... the Verizon girl asked me 3 times if I was sure this was what I wanted.
She obvious does not know me, haa... it's no worse than my last phone, which was pink...
My package arrived from the HHHH swap! Love love love this fiber and yarn! and chocolate...mmm Thanks so much Morgan!
Vicious evil kitty. She found this stuffed owl and was loving it up all day. Of course the loving has to take place on any available plastic bag.

I leave you with a new skein- just listed. Witch Kitsch Skull. I LOVE HALLOWEEN KITSCH!

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