Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's UP?

Been a bit immersed in life and domesticity. Paul had off most of the weekend and we dipped around the house and got things done. You know, housey stuff. Nothing riveting.

Sunday my baby turned 12! Eve is turning into a beautiful young lady and I can hardly believe she is so tall! Just under 5'5, she's gonna be tall like her daddy (he is almost 6'6).

She chose to go swimming for her birthday so we went to Vancouver Lake, which is a mere 3 miles from our house and has a view of all 3 mountains. (St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood). We basked in the sun and tuned out. sigh. We came home and Paul grilled salmon and we decorated Eve's cake.

Monday Paul hit the road again for work so the girls and I gave our veggie garden a looong overdue weeding and feeding. It's looking much better now and I am getting used to having one more thing to keep fed and alive. haha.

Tues. we went to the lake again with Jackie and Rachel and ended up staying longer than we had planned. My legs got burned as I did an ADD application of sunscreen. Weirdo patterns all over me.

I have been knitting a lot, I bound off the Toot scarf I was knitting in the "Branching Out" pattern and started a rippled soft chevron scarf instead. The leaf lace pattern was lost in the variegated yarn. I found the ripple pattern in Vogue Stitchionary Vol. 1
and doubled the repeat. LOVING IT! I will post pics soon.

I am also finishing up prototype#1 of my "Halloween Kit" and "Christmas Kit" for the site. Still have a lot of logistics to work out so no pics yet. Still in top secret mode.

No new yarns for the site this week. Next week I will do an update. I spun for myself this week, have some sculptures in the workings. PLUS there is a new spinner coming to MW! I will post an announcement once her yarn babies arrive.

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jacey said...

holy garden awesomeness! that's amazing! and you're right, so domestic! i can't believe your girl is so big and beautiful, tell her we all send our love and say hi. also, i started branching out 3 or 4 years ago and quite as well, i decided i don't care for scarves with such obvious 'wrong' sides, y/k?