Friday, July 11, 2008



Last evening I finally made it to a 'Thursday Soiree' at Stitch Craft, a new(ish) yarn and fabric shop in Vancouver.
We had a blast. I forget the bond that forms immediately among yarn ladies. I miss it.

Nicholette (the owner) is just dear and so welcoming. The shop is fresh and crunchy with bins of the best yarns on the market as well as luscious fabrics.
Here is a peak in the windows (and door).

I showed tremendous restraint and only bought one skein-- a third skein of Claudia Handpainted for my Aunt Toot Scarf (just in case).

Turns out Paul has to leave town for the weekend (again). :(
I plan to second coat the LR and move as much furniture as I can. (I will take pics once it is done) and dye and spin and perhaps update the yarn shop.
I would love to go to this.... but not sure I want to venture to the city alone on the weekend with the girls. I know. whimp. Just feeling a bit blue right now, I miss my man.
Holing up in my studio makes me feel better.

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