Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kismet Bag~

Announcing the release of a brand new Material Whirled pattern!
(drum roll...)

Since you can click the image to learn the pattern details I will entertain you with the story of how this bag was named....

When visiting PA in May, dear Angela picked me up for a soirée at Panera's. When we arrived we were in the parking lot admiring each other's knitting projects. We looked across the parking lot and there was our friend Kim! Complete coincidence. Lotsa hugs and happy-to-see-you conversation ensued.
After lunch, Angela and I went out to the patio to knit and catch up. Not long after, my friend Dayna and her girls came across the parking lot. Another complete coincidence!
When hugging and talking to Dayna, my friend Nicole drove past and stopped! Coincidence #3!
A this point it was no longer a coincidence, it was pure Kismet! Hence the bag's name. My friends all felt my presence and were drawn right to me.
Miss you all! Smooches to my sister friends!

NOW-- more pics!

Symbiosis bag, knit from the Symbiosis skein, which had strips of a silver glittery lycra fabric spun throughout. Very fabulous.

More bags pics in upcoming posts.....


bockstark.knits said...

Cute bag and a great story to go with it! Totally shows off fancy art yarns!

wooldancer said...

fulled gorgeousness right there!