Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow what?

Yesterday we took a road trip through the cascade mountains so the kids (and Paul) could play in the snow.
We're talking some serious snow.
Here I am standing next to the plowed snow-- this is not a pile from the plow, this is how deep the snow was.
Here is a view of the mountain on the ride home. Breathtaking.

I found a cool telephoto setting on my camera. hee (more pics here)

Me? Personally I think the snow is pretty pretty pretty but do not like to be IN it.
It's cold. and wet. nuff said.
I sat in the car and knit in the silence and looked out at the pretty white stuff.
It was divine. Very zen.

I am working on an art piece for the gallery at Art Fest.

Oh--I never mentioned that I am attending Art Fest in Seattle in a week and a half.
I am BEYOND excited and have been taking some time from the wheel to prepare and to create a knit art piece for the Art Fest gallery. ( I will post pics when it is complete).
I am also fortunate to have scored a coveted spot at vendor night. I am selling yarns and treasures, I will be sure to take pics.
If you are going to Art Fest give me a holler so we can find one another>>??

Off to prepare for Easter tomorrow-- since we are 3,000 miles from family we are planning to take another road trip--this time to the ocean. I hear the whales are migrating and it is the official start of whale watching week on the coast. I will pee myself if I see one.
Plus this gives me plenty of riding time to KNIT. hee.

Today Jackie and I drove to Portland to play in the Pearl District and I scored some interesting items for Art Fest, as well as for some new yarn designs and some project ideas I have been stewing on. However, I will make that another post as I a TIRED and this one is getting a bit windy. >:)

To those who celebrate, Happy Easter!
To those who do not, Happy Spring!

More yarn after the holiday-- plus new yarns from an additional talented spinner!

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