Friday, March 28, 2008

Art Fest Prep~

I got my Moos in the mail and they are SO adorable!

I am using them for my 'trades' for Art Fest, not sure if they qualify for a 'trade' as most seem to be making atcs, but my yarn is my art and it is all I have time to produce before leaving. I tied a yard of handspun to each card:
Here is the pile all completed and ready to be packed:
Jackie and Sheryl came over yesterday and we worked on Art Fest prep.
I set up the a practice table for vendor night, so I can plan out my space. Here is a sneak peek at part of the table:

I still need to get my knit items tagged and my class materials prepped and packed.
I am so stoked to work in some different mediums! I have not done any painting/collage work for a long time.
Classes I am taking:
Dwell: Coffee table book with Traci Bautista (2 day class)
Funky Wallpaper people with Anahata Katkin

WOOHOO-- getting that butterfly-in the-stomach excitement! (skippty-skip!)

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