Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portland Easter Nano~

It's been longer than I planned since I last blogged, so this one will be looonggg.

Portland girl's day!
Last Sat. Jackie and I took a trip to Portland to hit Utrecht for ArtFest supplies.
I took this shot. Jackie is a blog fiend, so she was shooting pics of EVERYTHING.
Here we are, Jackie is wearing her MW hat (new pattern coming eventually).
Next day was Easter, which was a new expereince for us here in WA, 3,000 miles from family. We had planned a whale watching trip, but it was 40 degrees and raining at the shore so we hit Powell's bookstore in downtown Portland instead. Here is a pic of the girl's baskets. The white rectangles are canvas' I bought for them to make art for their bedroom.

We had the brightest rainbow I have ever seen yesterday. It made me cry. I know-- dork, but it was so amazing.

Remember I killed my camera? I fell down the stairs with it. They couldn't fix it! sigh. Good thing it was under warranty. They sent me a gift card and I got THIS (I already replaced the camera long ago).
It's really for Paul since he is in the car about 8 hours a day, but I can pretend it's mine too.....

I have been prepping for ArtFest, but will spare you those pics for next post.

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