Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yarn piles and still unpacking!


It's been busy as usual here in the Material Whirled, with many orders to fill.

Here are some pics of yarn piles and the yarn sauna!

I finally got the back studio room unpacked and functioning, it is a DREAM in there, with a fiber wall and a shipping area, and a photo area! sigh... I may move a bed in there and never leave!

Here is a before shot, Jackie came over and helped me figure things out and organize.

It was embarrassingly trashed. bad. fiber tribbles all OVER, piles and mayhem!

Here the fiber wall is starting to take shape, but there were still piles and bins to deal with.

I decided to move the big ole counter in the center of the room to optimize its vastness, this way we can get all around it to work. I need to hit Goodwill to find some retro bar stools.

Here is Battman hard at work on a day off. We made the area behind him an art workspace for the girls. I will take more pics once I get the photo studio complete and the curtains hung.

For now-- more spinning to do!


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