Friday, December 28, 2007


I swear the electronic gremlin geeks have descended upon my house and studio and are using my stuff when I sleep.

My PC has been showing it's age lately. Last month I had to replace the hard drive (gasp-- that was a bit traumatic), this month I had to replace the monitor, the power source and the video card! sheesh. Now my camera is on the fritz. I did a graceful smack into the studio door frame with camera in hand and it flew across the UNcarpeted floor. I think I killed the flash, it has been computer-error-ing and sputtering all over since. Good thing it is still under the extended warranty plan I purchased.

So my Holiday pictures are sad and grainy and blurry, as will the yarn update pics I plan to take tomorrow. Please be patient with me while I set the gremlin traps. Maybe I shall shave them and spin them into a yarn?

Hope your holidays have been relaxing-- mine have been divine.

Stay tuned for new yarns! I do not want to promise a day yet (due to the camera crapping out) but it will not be long.

Pic of Rex the dude-cat sleeping next to me on the couch on my day-of-knitting last week


Our Tree!

Tacky tacky glittery blue pointsettias!

LOVE them!

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