Sunday, December 9, 2007

Red Sox!

I finished the custom-ordered Red Sox yarn.

It was made for Adina Klein, editor extraordinaire of the Vogue Knitting magazines.

(she gave me to go-ahead to name drop). Adina rocks.

She is making her BIL a hat for the holidays and he is a Red Sox fiend.

I knit the socks in 2D from red alpaca yarn.

I also finished another pile of orders and got them all shipped out.

AND- I got my light tent all set up and ready to go! I LOVE THIS THING!

No more hauling my updates outside looking for indirect sunlight, which I gotta say, is rare here in the Pac NW.

It is in the office area of the main studio room. I decided to put it in front of one of the 3 doors! No shortage of doors here.

Back to work!

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