Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome FERN!

A special welcome to Dahlia Fern, our newest kitty!

Ann has wanted her own cat for a few years... since we are finally settled in our home and it's Ann's 12th birthday on Wed. we decided it's time.

Meeting Ezmaralda and Rufus (aka Momo) for the first time. They accepted her just fine once they had a few sniffs .

She started to cry, wanted her mama. I held her and she crawled up to my neck, gave me a few licks and went to sleep. 

Since I cannot sit still for too long, I moved her to Ann's neck. Cute overload. 

This morning she helped Ann with her math. 

Next post... the kitten warmer I made for Dahlia FERN.

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Anonymous said...

So much cute!!