Saturday, July 24, 2010

Painted Tool Bags

I finally finished a project that I can share with you!
yay me.
Introducing... my painted tool bags!

I went all the way with the reenie palette on these,
because since they are for ME to use.

~ Tool totes or bags from your local home improvement store.
(I chose more of a tote since they will live in my studio most of the time)
~ Heavy bodied gesso-- meaning a thicker brand.
~ Acrylic paints and brushes
~ Sharpie water based paint markers
~ Oil pastels
~ Clear coat spray paint

Here is what they looked like before....
They were a divine red and black.
Came with removable shoulder straps...
and have pockets all around the front and all around the inside edges (not shown here).

I gave them both two coats of gesso-- they really drank it up!
At first I gessoed them to give myself a white ground to work on, to make the colors pop!
I did not think they needed the gesso, but once I started applying it I realized they really did. 
The vinyl fabric would have devoured my precious paints.

It's taken me a month-ish to get them finished, been dabbling at them when I get some time.

Close ups of the "Tool Bag",  the one I will keep my hand tools in.
MORE close ups in my flickr album HERE or see slide show below.

Close ups of the "Painting & Travel Bag"~

MORE close ups in my flickr album HERE or see slide show below.

Many more images of my bags here in my Flickr Album...



Doreen Baros said...

Oh!!! I love your bags!! I initially thought - I want that pattern! Then I saw you 're-painted' a purchased bag. Cool! Love the creativity!

Kerri said...

you are so talented. i cannot believe you made that boring looking tool bag look so fantastically cute!!!!