Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free Range Show Thoughts~

The show was a blast-- even though we had some really annoying sound issues for the first few minutes.
(When you watch, hang in there, the sound clears up after about 2-3 minutes.)
Plus the fact hat I am an A.D.D. mess... well, I always think that. Being a perfectionist, I never perform to my expectations, but that is a topic for a different therapy session, haha. Are you like that?


I am in the midst of a show notes post, with links and products that we discussed.
Going out for a few hours- my brother is in town (flew across the country) and we are going art supply & fabric shopping! Going to make puppets... he is a puppeteer.
AND I want to get some puppet fur to cover my desk chair. tackytackytacky.

Ok. focus reenie.

Time to get everyone in the car and go.



Jackie Wood said...

Yep, gotta love the parts where we are just staring at the screen trying to figure it all out. I guess that is all part of the "live" of a live show.

Thanks for hosting, it was fun to create with you. Working on my journal now!!

Beth said...

I really enjoyed the free range journal show....haven't made it to the live/chat yet, but so glad I can sit with a cup of coffee and just soak in your artful goodness anytime night or day :) Really appreciate you! This is the 2nd video I've watched on PaperClipping, so keep up the good work! Beth