Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Range Supply List~

The Free Range Art Journal
Paperclipping Live~! (click for link to the show)
The show will be filmed here in the Material Whirled studio!

I wanted to talk just a bit about tomorrow's Free Range Journal class....
I have been getting requests for a material list, which I will type out in a minute...

The class will be a tutorial, but very non-linear. Which in reenie speak means...
There is a process to building the book, one that will take more than a one hour class.
It is built in layers over time, and roamed through freely (hence the name- har har).
Very open-ended, NO RULES, no templates, therapeutic and freeing!
Free Range-- get it?
Like girl-friend therapy in book form.

I recommend watching us misbehave, and prepare to have some fun!
(Us being Liz, Jackie and myself.)
It will all make sense. I promise.
The technical tutorially stuff (such as binding the book) will be addressed tomorrow night, then explained later on in more detail here in the blog.

Material I used for my Free Range Journal~
The point is to use what you already have! None of us need MORE stuff
~ Manilla folders (do not have to be NEW, old, ugly and written on are the best!)
~ Gesso
~ Acrylic paints
~ Water color paints
~ Paint materials (brushes, water, etc.)
~ Collage papers... suggestions...
    - lists and notes from your daily life
    -junk mail that you find pretty
    - scraps from your scrapbook projects
    -mementos, copies or photos that did not make the cut in your albums
    -menus, maps, receipts, shipping labels...
    -book pages, magazine clippings....
    -I could go on and on, the ideas are endless really.
~ Adhesive- your favorite brand or type. I use a tombo tape or acrylic gel medium.
~ Decorative tapes
~ markers, ink and ink pen, pencils, etc.

Fix yourself your favorite beverage and prepare to have some fun!
Join the LIVE CHAT ... ask questions or share links and resources... heckle us!
I will be posting a show notes this time! Going to attempt to collect links and resources that are shared in the class chat and make a list here.

Links in this post:
Liz Ness Studios
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