Monday, May 24, 2010

Hoarder? Frugal? Thrifty? Green?

Call it whatever... but there are some things I just cannot toss into the landfill.
My biggest thing is yarn, fiber, fabric...
I just know I can reuse these items until the point of practical disintegration.

Please do not call the Hoarders show people on me. (Have you seen that show? sheesh. Poor people. It does put things into perspective though.)

Here are some shots of my insanity...
This is my thread jar. It sits next to wherever the sewing machine is. All thread snips and pieces go in there. They look so pretty all tangled up in there!
I will eventually card these into a batt and spin into a yarn.
The jar itself is made from knotting strips of fabric scraps together.

This is the snibble and foozle bin that lives under my studio table.
 All fiber and yarn pieces go into this bin.
My local yarn shop from PA still saves foozles for me to add to this bin. (love you all at UT).
Snibbles are tiny pieces of yarns... Foozles are a but longer, and can be used for more things... Both phrases were used by my great-grandma. 
Contents of this bin will also eventually be upcycled into handspun yarns. 
There are actually two bins full right now, perhaps its time to start carding?

There are many other things I do to reuse my stuff... stay tuned for more posts about my green/hoarder/frugal tendencies. The madness goes on and on...

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