Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cabled Dreams Journal~

Another Journal~

The cover is quilted with a lover-ly hydrangea-esque floral pattern.
I couched down strands of a coordinating handspun yarn with matchy-matchy threads.
The acid green knit cabled panel, is a gauge swatch for a project I never got started. Which is fine, because it was really meant for this book.
The closure is an old green coat button and a chain of my handspun.
Inside the front cover is a pocket made from some painted canvas, great to hold your pen or cell phone.
Cover measures 7 in. x 9 inches closed.  
Perfect size to slip into your knitting bag~
Inside hand bound pages measure 6 1/2 x 9 (largest)... others vary under that.
108 pages (counting front and back)
Pages are a collection of scrapbook cardstock, printed lined papers, copies of a yarn pattern my late memaw had written out by hand (my mom just found this and sent to me).... there are many clear pockets and places for you to slip in notes or pics...

12 of the pages are my art collages... created specifically for this book from old craft books, parts of my paintings, ephemera I have hoarded, yarn sample cards, etc. etc. etc.
Also cards made with my new yarn-ball stamp I carved...
Embellishments are sewn, glued and taped in.
I am sure there are other things I am forgetting to list here, so some things will be a surprise! (teehee)
Consider this a Jump Start for your art and journaling! 
A collaboration~ between you and me :)

What can you DO with a book like this?
Record your knitting projects....

Journal you thoughts, dreams, plans, prayers and intentions...
Write out your grocery and to-do lists.
Glue or tape in your favorite photos...
I can go on and list things for days... 
One-of-a-kind! You will be the envy of your knitting group~ 

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