Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What the Huh?

What the Huh?
That sums it up.
The days are zipping past, full of running around and holiday prep.

Here are some shots of the living room. I painted it. again.
The girls were adamant about getting a shade darker than I had planned, so I gave in.
It's a spruce (blueish) green, and I love it!

You can see more of the previous wall color here.
Which was to be a light acidy green, but really looked yellow.
This new spruce green really unifies my furniture and items, plus it brings the green of our amazing evergreens inside!

Here is our tree, still needing some more paper houses, but overall complete.
Here is the ugo chandelier, which got taken apart and bathed. I added the elves yesterday.
LOVE the elves and am considering keeping them up there year-round.

Tilly came back for a visit with two of her now grown babies. We have not seen them for months.
Eve got some fantastic shots of them eating their noms.

Off to snuggle my babies and eat some noms too.

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